The 9 US Embassy Scholarships for Africans

The US Embassy Scholarships for Africans is a unique program which provides financial assistance to attract students from Africa to the United States. This is a scholarship program designed to encourage more Africans to come to study in the states of the United States. The US Government has long considered Africa as a key strategic partner in the fight against terrorism. The funds are awarded on the basis of ethnicity, race, or country of origin. This scholarship program is unique in that it encourages young African men and women to return to Africa and pursue higher education as an American student.


The African Research Council Scholarship Program. This scholarship is given to an individual who wishes to do a PhD in any field relevant to the African continent. It is awarded to those with a bachelors or Masters degree in a field related to African Studies, Anthropology, Geology, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, or Physics. You must meet specific requirements. If you have already completed an undergraduate degree, you must have a minimum GPA of at least 3.4 in order to qualify.


The African Scholarship Fund Scholarship Program. This scholarship is offered to full time students attending accredited colleges and universities in the United States. The program gives funds to students for their living expenses while they attend college. Eligibility criteria include having US citizenship, not having an unpaid loan, and not being on a waiting list to receive funds from a scholarship.


The William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan (FDL) Scholarship Program. This scholarship is a direct loan provided by the US government. The rules and eligibility criteria are the same as those for the FAFSA. This program awards government direct loans to undergraduate students who demonstrate the ability to pay on time and for the full amount each month. Students in public or private colleges may apply.


The Overseas Student Initiative Scholarship Program is an initiative by the US government. It awards financial aid to students outside the US who demonstrate a need to travel to a US college or university. Eligibility requirements include being a citizen of a US eligible country and meeting academic requirements. These scholarship programs also accept fee-paying guests.


The African American Scholarship Fund Scholarship is offered by the US Department of Education. It covers tuition and all expenses related to a student’s education. Eligibility requirements are similar to the other Embassy Scholarships for Africans. The qualifications to be considered for these scholarship grants include being a US citizen and fulfilling academic requirements. Students in high school should complete their transfers.


For individuals who are financially unable to go to study in the US, there is the Overseas Student Program. This scholarship is offered by the US State Department through its Educational Enterprise Visa program. It is designed to encourage high quality overseas students to return to the US to study. It offers an opportunity to those with no degree to earn an associate or master’s degree. There are no minimum grades required nor does the applicant have to reside in the US.


There is also another scholarship program for professionals. It is offered by the US State Department through the Rewards America program. The requirements are that the applicants must be United States citizens and hold a professional or business degree. They can also be from any African country and hold a relevant degree.


The African Diaspora in the US is well represented at many educational institutions including the universities, colleges and technical schools. They can either participate in an individual scholarship program or can join the African American Scholarship Fund program. Many scholarships cover tuition fees as well as books and other educational expenses. Students who get selected for these programs are able to pursue their dream careers in fields as diverse as medicine, law and education.


It is important to note that the qualifications and requirements for each scholarship vary. Different awards are based on the applicant’s academic records, financial background and various other factors. Those who want to take advantage of this program should apply for all the available scholarships. Keep in mind that every scholarship has limited spaces and does not accommodate every applicant. Those who have good grades and those who demonstrate great leadership skills in their respective fields will most likely be able to take advantage of this opportunity.

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