International Undergraduate Student Bursary at University of Alberta


The International Undergraduate Student Bursary (IUSB) is a unique program that aims to bring together students from different countries and backgrounds. This program has the ambition to make students understand the differences and similarities between their home countries and other countries. It also helps them to appreciate and learn from foreign cultures and traditions. By sharing experiences, students are able to build stronger bonds with each other and learn how to respect other cultures. This program also provides students with opportunities to obtain financial assistance for furthering their education. There are certain conditions required to be fulfilled by the students applying for this program.


To apply for the IUSB, the students need to be enrolled in undergraduate programs at the university of Alberta. They also need to have completed a high school diploma or GED. If you wish to receive financial assistance under the program, then you need to complete the eligibility criteria. Eligibility criteria include academic excellence, language skills, community involvement, personal characteristics, talent and leadership qualities, and merit-based qualification.


In order to apply for the IUSB, you need to fill up the application form with accurate information. You have to provide necessary documents such as academic transcript, university registration, proof of residence and work experience. Alberta government provides financial assistance for qualified students under the following categories:


Students who have completed high school diploma or GED and who hold job are eligible for the program. In addition, under the category of students eligible for the IUSB, those who live in Canada and those who hold a Canadian passport can also apply for financial assistance under the program. However, there are some restrictions with respect to financial help provided under this program. The students who are residents of U.S.A and are eligible for federal grants and scholarship programs cannot apply under the IUSB. They must first register for a semester program from an accredited school that is approved by U.S. Department of State before they can apply for financial assistance.


For disabled students, University of Alberta Student Assistance Program is also offered to them. There are financial assistance programs that are specifically designed for the students with physical disabilities. In this case, the student must complete the FAFSA application which contains necessary information such as academic credentials, financial information and records. Then the registrar will review the FAFSA for submission to the Department of State. Once the applicant submits the FAFSA to the State Department, it will be distributed among the eligible students based on their per semester financial aid package.


If you want to avail the IUSB, you may need to complete the eligibility criteria. Eligibility is determined by filling-up a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form, which can be obtained from any financial assistance office of the university. After you fill the form, you should mail it to the concerned agency. The agency receives your application and reviews it according to its policy. It then sends you a notification about your status, which you need to confirm online or within two weeks. The period of funding depends on the FAFSA submission date you gave.


There are lots of students in Canada who are unable to pursue their degree due to various reasons such as improper education facility, high costs and many others. For such students, financial assistance is an ideal way out. The IUSB provides students with financial assistance in different forms such as loans, scholarships and bursaries. In addition to this, there are other ways such as work study, internships, community service, and other opportunities that can be availed by students depending on their need and situation.


Many students depend on financial assistance offered by IUSB for completing their master’s or doctorate degrees. Students find it easier to get financial assistance from IUSB because they have dedicated departments for processing the applications for financial assistance. Students can also get help from IUSB when it comes to registering for their post-secondary studies or their studies in Canada. In order to process the application for financial assistance, students need to have their eligibility checked by the appropriate agencies such as Canadian Student Association, Colleges and Universities, Federal Student Benefits Corporation, and Canadian Council for International Student Affairs. These agencies help students apply for federal student bursaries or loans.

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