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The Ten Characteristics of the Scientific Research

Professors and supervisors need scientific papers at the university but are not always bothered to explain what are the basic features of scientific work. With that in mind, I try to briefly explain what are the basic features of scientific research. Note that to do scientific work one must first have a scientific attitude.

To perform a scientific process that follows a scientific process, you need to make sure that your article includes the following elements.

Purpose. Scientific knowledge is factual and seeks to rationalize and analyze them, regardless of emotional thoughts or prejudices. Empirical knowledge is the raw material of theoretical formulation.
Besides explaining theory facts, science makes rational conclusions. The researcher develops ideas and systems of assumptions ideas. The actual source of the discoveries is not raw facts, but theories that make up hypothetical ideas.
Analyze. Scientific research deals with well-defined or partial problems for partial solutions. It aims to open up the entire complex for its simplest components. Therefore, science begins with partial problems.
Specialist partial and limited problem analysis leads to expertise. Although there is uniformity in the scientific method, the diversity of technologies has led to independence from different fields.
Accuracy science wants clarity and precision. Explanation and accuracy come in the formulation of problems and the definition of concepts.
Conversation. The language of science, accurate and rigorous, is primarily intended for communication. It is the responsibility of each researcher to deliver the results of their research to the scientific community so they can be confirmed, validated, or rejected (). It is important that there are special principles for scientific discourse.
Certification. This means that assumptions and theories should be tested. It is important to check whether their reliability is high or low. The test is experimental and observable. They need experiments to confirm the assumption.
Method. Scientific research has been developed, so it is part of the knowledge that has already been accumulated. Science is subject to its methods, but it can be applied and implemented.
Systemization. The goal of science is to create a system that is logically interconnected.
Normalize. Extensive systems include specific phrases, allowing for maximum spread. They examine specific facts based on common assumptions or ideas. Researchers working in the laboratory try to gain access to the universe which finds its logical basis in the complex structure of certain natural facts.

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