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Human Origins – Is Science Right

The most popular website today is the one that provides ethnic information. They help those who seek the roots of their ancestors. We are not sure who we are. We’re looking for an identity. Where are we from? What are our human origins?

Religious theories about the human origin.
About two centuries ago, religious ideas prevailed in Western culture. Then people expect to be created in the image of God with an everlasting spirit. He was widely aware of his place, of being somewhere between angels and animals. In short, this Christian worldview gave the meaning of life, our understanding of the human origin and a vision that people can try to live.

However, today, in secular time, we have lost our sense of consciousness and holiness of the crossing. Some people even think people come from strangers who visited the country. But although this is true, I do not explain it how the alien was born.

Most people give a scientific way of knowing the pride of the place. The question is, ‘Who created us, God?’ The latter will be strictly answered in favor. In Darwin’s theory, there is no divine direction or plan.

“We are the only people who think that we have raised them from the wild. Everyone else believes that they are the children of the gods.” (Marshall Sahlins)

Christian fundamentalists who defend creativity do not support religion. They have a written understanding of the Bible statement for 7 days of creation. So they see it as real history. (An alternative theory he dislikes is that the book of Genesis is a fiction that delivers a useful psychological message related to personal growth.) As a result, “creatives” make false scientific claims. ۔ It is not surprising that one can easily overpower them with wisdom. As a result, our human source design model has made it almost impossible to achieve any kind of proper hearing.

Evolution and our human origin.
Today, Darwin’s evolution explains the beginning and evolution of life. However, in his book “Modern Post of Modern Mind”, Huston Smith offers a way to deal with the concept of “great origin.”

Fossils found in the earth’s crust show changes in the composition of plants and animals, and, along with the history of radioactive and potassium-argon, it places them in chronological order.

In addition, higher, more complex forms of life (such as humans) later appeared as simple ones. It can reveal all species of life on earth through genealogies in the simplest forms in which life originally appeared.

Darwin suggested how it all happened, that he was the best choice to cope with the potential change. Darwinism is popular in science because natural selection is purely mechanical, and the change in which it works is only by accident. Biology sees the origin and evolution of human life as an automatic process with no room for the divine presence.

This is perhaps not surprising since all articles avoid designing natural phenomena. The reason is that there can be no scientific means of looking at meaning and meaning. This is beyond science that can be empirically evaluated.

Criticizing Darwin Evolution.

We need to ask questions about fossil evidence for growing change.

“Geology… does not show an excellent temperature change, and this is probably the most obvious and serious object that may be against (my) theory.” (Charles Darwin)

It is also a question of the lack of fossil evidence of intermediate forms among the inter-caste.

“it needs moderate species for evolution, and it does not need ancient biology.” (David Kitt, Professor of Geology, University of Oklahoma)

The third concern is the ineffectiveness of changes that will later benefit the body’s new organs. How can natural selection maintain the appearance of complex organs? We make Emacs up of so many parts that when they work together for thousands of generations, is there any benefit in avoiding them? What are the benefits in the short term with half jaws or half wings? The brain module that controls linguistic abilities has no counterpart in non-humans. It suddenly manifested itself in its present form.

Huston Smith said Darwin’s theory of evolution is weak, but it seems strong because there is no other competitor to understand our origin.

Unnatural ideas of human origin.
I suggest that if science has a limited amount of information, we may need to consider another.

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