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FDA approves anti-malarial drugs for corona treatment

WASHINGTON: On Sunday, the Food and Drug Administration (EPA) approved emergency treatment for the use of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malarial drug by President Donald Trump to treat the coronary virus. They have provided no medical evidence regarding the efficacy of.

According to the Health and Human Services Department on Sunday, hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine clinicians may recommend and recommend products for COVID-19 hospitalized adolescents and adult patients, and when clinical trials are not available or not possible. If so. “

According to international media reports, according to HHS, Germany’s Sandoz has already provided 30 million doses of hydroxychloroquine to the National Strategic Repository, which is on the Federal Government’s list of medical devices for a public health emergency. , While banners have donated 1 million doses of chloroquine to international media reports.

The agency is rapidly tracking the process which usually takes years, as the FDA conducts clinical trials in hot spots in New York, New York.

The emergency clearance was granted because the potential benefits of this product far outweigh the risks, HHS said, and acknowledged that “final reports indicate that the drug is available to COVID-19 patients at the hospital. May be useful in the treatment “but warned that” clinical trials need to provide scientific evidence that these treatments are effective. “

Trump falsely claimed that the drug was approved by the FDA for the treatment of the Corona virus before Sunday.

As a result of their use, some Americans have discovered wholesalers, such as an Arizona man who purchased a non-pharmaceutical form of chloroquine phosphate, a generic chemical used to clean fish tanks. , Which accounted for the utmost care of the deceased and his now widowed woman.

The CDC has warned non-prescription chloroquine phosphate against the use of prescription and under the supervision of a health care provider as it could have “serious health consequences.”

Key Background: Trump praises anti-malarial drugs at daily briefings, Fox News has dedicated segments to the drug’s potential benefits, and others, such as Rudy Giuliani, the president’s personal lawyer, and Charlie Kirk, the US founder of Turning Point. Has promoted chloroquine and

hydroxychloroquine in the coronary virus. Twitter eventually deleted a tweet from Giuliani that said “Hydroxychloroquine has been 100% effective in treating quotient 19.” There is no proven cure or vaccine for the coronavirus.

Researchers expect chlorine and hydroxy chlorine – medicines used to treat malaria, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis decades-old to treat the coronary virus. Will be used, but preliminary studies have shown mixed evidence of their effectiveness and risks, such as vision problems. Or cardiac grip.

The frenzy surrounding the treatment has forced some doctors to prescribe hydroxychloroquine, which is sold as a Plaquenil, by writing prescriptions for himself or his family. Some state-of-the-art drug boards, including Texas, Louisiana, Ohio, and North Carolina, have issued prescription restriction rules.

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