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EMPI Institution Conducts India’s First International Mobility Festival With Inauguration of AIC

EMPI Institute, New Delhi and its Atal Incubation Center, Niti Aayog, India in collaboration with Government; India’s first dynamic Broadcasting Festival (Jomi) was organized, which will move vehicles. Focused on design, technology, and business. Electronic, connected, autonomous and shared. I created this initiative to propagate EMPI futures, India’s first futuristic platform, a platform for modern-day philosophy in various fields of EMPI. They organized the festival in partnership with Records Knowledge Partners and Nissan’s Mission Partners. The event took place in the EMPI residential area in chatterer, New Delhi.

During the fair, the Atal Incubation Center – EMPI – was inaugurated in green and was greeted by Mr. Ramanat Ramanan, Office of the Director of Atal Innovation, Nate Dog, Government. India. AIC-EMPI is the only AIC focused on renewable energy, smart energy, and new mobility.

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The courage and enthusiasm that 300 more technology-related students and students from India and internationally want to attend and take part in competitions, master classes and workshops such as Bangladesh, Vietnam, Philippines, Fiji, Afghanistan, and Taiwan. View people with And a panel discussion.

Pankaj Saran, president of the EMPI institutes, welcomed the meeting and spoke about the festival, a festival of ideas, a unique thematic concept that led to many students, beginners, MSMEs and prominent experts in the field. Collected. To solve real-life problems facing the industry in the face of barriers associated with the new mobility sector. The two leading thinkers who made the keynote address were President Sirari Mulgund, Records Asia and Suresh Bacho, Director of Athée Energy and Intelligence, who presented a broad perspective on the changing pattern of mobility. After that, both of them completed the session. One of the design thinking – designers Manishwasht, IBM, and one of the joint vehicles: Natan Nair, General Manager, Connected Cars – Africa, Middle East and Nissan Motor Corporation of India.

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In the evening, another group of star speakers held a panel discussion on Innovations of the Future of Futurity. The speakers were Easton, Aria, Energy, Panasonic. Gaurav Talwar, Senior Management Consultant, IBM Business Consulting Services; Sriram Padmanabhan, Director of Nissan Marketing, India and Omiya Bhattacharya, General Meeting. Delhi Integrated Multimodal Transport System (DIMTS – Delhi Government) and Vice-Chairman Prasad Mane (Asia), Ricardo. Dopings Dev Sarma, Chief Editor of the Chief of Stranger’s Auto Tech Review oversaw the panel.

The festival comprises a variety of track events spanning up to 30 hours such as Hyacinthine, Designation, Brandthaton, Peyton, Mackathon Expo, Quality and more. Hyacinthine had several real-life hassle paths the industry recognized that and was a major mentoring team for Auto EcoSystems. The leading experts at Designation, Brandathan, and push-down have given masterclasses and help teams solve problems. Gave. At PICATHON, business-minded teams took master classes to create business plans and refined and refined them to provide the real pitch to investors. The Quiz on the Environmental Mobility System showed an individualized form of the quiz on a a thematic quiz. Marathon comprised teams from India and abroad, where groups of students from various educational institutions developed the latest working prototype from retrofit motorcycles to a submarine to detect seafood oil emissions and plastic debris. ۔

The various master classes of the sub-event were led by Sudhir Moore, founder, design sheet, ex Ola Electric. Rahul Kambar, Industrial Designer and Tarun Arora, Dassault Systèmes. Gagan Ghai, Director, Crest Capital / Advisor, and CEO. Rohit Kumar – Director of the Hansa Research Group. Paint Banga, CEO – Nissan. The judges and teachers were among the most dynamic recorders, led by President Sarah Mulgund (Asia), Marketing Director Monster Anshul Punjabi. Narayan Director, Sriram Padmanaban, Neeraj Tyagi, Managing Partner, Venture Catalysts and Nimisha Ajin, Director – Innovation Projects, Hunch Circle.

The expo comprised leading companies and high-tech vehicles for driving shows and tests through startups such as Nissan, Hyundai, Tata, EESL Goyal, Erin Mobility. M2GO, RNA Innovations among others. Nissan unveiled its unopened Leaf 2 and its innovative power line, the E-Expansion Car.

Sriram Padmanaban, Executive Vice President (Marketing), Nissan India, said: “They were quite surprised and impressed.

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