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British Qualification Course

UK degree program.

There is always a high cost to education as the seeker of education seeks to explore every aspect of the new academic world. You just have to eat big to grow up. Similarly, wherever possible, you need to understand your presence in all areas. Therefore, here is a training program that can serve as the key to all your needs in a training situation.

The UK degree program is aligned with the UAE Government’s National Qualification Framework and is therefore approved by KHDA Dubai. It is a degree program for two levels of education (I) primary and secondary (ii) university level.

Primary and Secondary:

This program is an after-school program by the Paris Education UK. The UK degree program has been linked to the UAE Government’s National Qualification Framework and is therefore approved by KHDA Dubai. This program is a unique blend of theoretical and practical studies.

The UK Degree Program continues with the current degree, which is offered to students in 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th grades without interruption or additional burden. This is a program that runs alongside the actual education of the students. I ask students to complete assignments through presentations, defined photos, speeches, group discussions, etc., which will highlight individual student strengths.

University Level:

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This ability facilitates international enrollment of students by completing diplomas at well-known and prominent universities such as Bedfordshire University, Northampton University, Anglia Ruskin University, and several new European universities. It gives students the opportunity to complete their final year of graduation in the UK, Canada, and Australia as they wish, or they may continue their final year at Dubai Universities.

Key features of UK qualification:

Personalized learning plans that fit the needs of the learner.
A unique blend of theory and practice.
It bases the curriculum on the real-time world of work-related subjects.
Any. The perfect start to a career in any intelligent home.

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A qualification that will help you adapt to your country’s choice.
Four internships each year to gain practical experience in your career.
The British Degree Program is a modern program that ass learners to prepare assignments, chart assignments, group discussions and more, along with presentations. So this kind of activity strengthens the students. When a student gets the chance to complete the final year of graduation from prominent universities in the UK, Canada, and Australia, he too gets the best platform.

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