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People Share Their Best ‘I Beat The System’ Stories

The stolen booster and some cash

“I flew with my kids and so checked a booster car (a $30 value) seat for the 7-12 months-vintage. The airline misplaced the booster vehicle seat. The airline gave me a loaner booster to apply within the interim, however they never located our original booster. So, in line with the airlines policy, due to the fact the airline completely lost a bit of luggage, they may pay me $1500. It took a touch work, which includes submitting a police record, however 4 months later I were given a test for $1500 for our misplaced booster.

I nevertheless have the loaner booster.”

Get alongside higher as acquaintances

“Shortly after my divorce and a stint as Weekend Dad, I commenced getting my kids several days per week. So I took my ex-wife to court docket to try to reduce my baby guide bills, after she flat-out refused to comply with a lower amount.

Even though I changed into legally in a position to accomplish that, my ex fought returned difficult due to the fact she had grown familiar with getting $1000 in free amusing cash each month.

It took eight court docket appearances (the ex went out of her manner to drag it out as a good deal as she should) however the choose subsequently were given bored stiff with how unreasonable she become being and in preference to reducing my payments he gave me shared custody and cancelled all of my child assist bills.

And then my ex and her husband misplaced their house due to the fact they had been so deep in debt from attorney bills.

An interesting post-script to this story is that I didn’t want my youngsters to have a crappy domestic at their mother’s, so I helped my ex discover a townhouse apartment she should find the money for. Flash forward 2 years and she or he’s my neighbour and we get along higher than we did while we were married.”

Non-refundable blow dryer

“I pull this trick out when go back rules fail me. It all started out with a hair dryer I purchased that directly fizzled and died proper out of the container upon first use. The receipt turned into misplaced inside the rubbish, so I attempted returning it day after today. They wouldn’t deliver me keep credit score, no longer even an exchange for a functioning hair dryer once I showed them the one I bought changed into completely useless. So, fuming, I went to the aisle and grabbed some other hair dryer of the precise same kind. Waited two days and went back in with the receipt from my 2nd buy and the dead hair dryer. They refunded me in full and the second one hair dryer lasted me for at least ten years.”

No university degree necessary

“I dropped out of university, but I had a summer time task at a Fortune 500 organization. I managed to convince them to lease me complete-time because I changed into getting paid 1/3 what university grads had been getting to do the same task. After they employed me I spent each performance evaluate requesting wage parity with my friends and after a few years controlled to get it. Eventually I left that corporation, got a task at Microsoft primarily based on my previous experience, and now make over $150k a year. All with out a college diploma.”

Quick avenue to nation university

“My excessive faculty had a program with the area people college that let you take a everyday high college magnificence, then pay $15 to take a final examination from the community university, and you’d get college credit for the class. I took some of these classes in my sophomore yr and had signed up for extra in my junior yr. In order to get the credits and a transcript from the university they needed to provide you with a pupil ID. I at some point discovered that I could use this ID to enroll in online instructions immediately via the college and bypass the excessive faculty.

During my junior 12 months of high college I best cared about the lessons giving me college credit score and spent my other class time doing work for the net courses. By the quit of the year I’d failed maximum of my excessive faculty instructions, but had finished my freshman year of college.

I then carried out to my kingdom university as a transfer student and got prevalent due to the fact switch students don’t ought to offer excessive faculty transcripts or maybe SAT ratings. I by no means graduated from excessive school and in no way went for a unmarried day of my senior year.”

Lucky day to graduate

“In college I become presupposed to take two lab technological know-how classes. At my school, lab science lessons have been notoriously hard and didn’t have anything to do with my field of look at. I ended up locating online technological know-how lessons from the University of Nebraska that occurred to coincide with an internship I had in Omaha. I were given it approved through my marketing consultant and the instructions had been a breeze. They have been the maximum access level lessons on geography and weather.

Fast ahead to graduation. I found out that my lab technological know-how training are supposed to be palms on. My marketing consultant assumed that considering I was interning in Omaha that the instructions were in individual. I was months from graduation when we figured this out in order that they just widely wide-spread the credit. I were given fortunate that day and found out some rad stuff about geography and landforms.”

Just following the law

“Here in Maine, we have this bizarre law referred to as the Maine Implied Warranty Law. It basically says that if some thing breaks within the anticipated lifespan the store has to replace it. It’s a not often used customer protection law. Earlier this yr my telephone stopped connecting to networks. I go to the fruit themed telephone manufacturer save and they say it’s a carrier problem. I visit the carrier and that they say it’s a hardware issue. I revisit the phone producer and point out that it can be an difficulty with the SIM card tray, which those fashions were regarded for. They take the cellphone out again and open it up and affirm that the SIM card wasn’t making touch. They got here returned and instructed me that and said, ‘Unfortunately your phone is now not covered through FruitCare so your alternatives are leave or purchase a new telephone at complete charge.’ I paused and said, ‘Have you ever heard of the Maine Implied Warranty Law?’ Without skipping a beat he stated, ‘Let me go chat with a manager,’ and walks away. I watched him have a 5 2nd chat with every other guy. He then got here returned and said, ‘Let me move take hold of you a new cellphone from the returned.’ New smartphone. $zero.”

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